artist statement

...the sum being greater than its parts

I am a ‘process’ artist and I’m drawn to—and inspired by—both the natural and man-made environments in which we live and grapple: the beauty and the chaos, the harmony and the dissonance. My responses to any given environment are visceral, and channeling them onto canvas is the best way to express my passion, joy, sorrow and angst in this world. The “process” of painting in the present allows for an immediate and divergent experience, without pre-conceived notions or expectations. I paint in the abstract genre because I can explore my thoughts, feelings and surroundings without steadfast boundaries. I am concerned with creating work that finds the essence of something beyond the obvious—something existential yet tangible; something mysterious yet relatable.


I work in water-based mediums that include acrylic paint, charcoal, pencil, graphite and, occasionally, collage elements. I often start with a random gesture or mark to ‘activate’ the canvas then continue spontaneously and unconsciously—adding and subtracting—until the relationships of line, shape and color start to excite my senses. It is of the utmost importance that I find an internal rhythm and energy that make an honest and authentic artwork, something that I haven’t created before. I often surprise myself when I am open and vulnerable to risk-taking and I am glad for it.



I am a Bay Area native, a third generation Californian and have lived in Marin for 25 years. I earned a Bachelor of Arts from UC Berkeley and studied printmaking at the Idyllwild Arts Academy in Southern California. I have been working from my studio at the Industrial Center Building in Sausalito, CA, for 12 years and have been exhibiting actively for the last 16 years in solo, group, and juried exhibitions. “As a mid-career artist, Kuhn has developed her own recognizable style. Her inspirational sources encompass deep feelings of connectivity, vulnerability, spontaneity, and joy. Her travels to Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean have enriched her creative process resulting in enigmatic and provocative work. Today, Kuhn continues to work towards creating art with a focus on beauty, energy, and her own truth, reflecting her inner passion for life and adventure.” (Emebet Korn, Desta Gallery) My artwork can be found in numerous private and corporate collections.


I have served on the Mill Valley Art Commission; created the Mill Valley “Click Off” annual photography contest; and curated numerous group art shows at the ICB. I have been a juror for the Mill Valley Fall Arts Festival, The Mill Valley Milley Awards, and chaired the 44th Annual ICB Winter Open Studios with over 100 participating artists. I continue to be active in the community, and support fund-raising efforts at Art for AIDS, Lymelight Foundation and Feed America, as well as for a variety of schools and local charitable organizations.